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Ghungroos -Dance bells for Bharatnatyam or Odissi Dance

Ghungroos -Dance bells for Bharatnatyam or Odissi Dance

Mindchakra Bookshop

  • £27.00

Dance Bells one/two/three or four rows of 10 bells on cushioned velvet with strings to tie around ankles. In a variety of colours red/blue/green/yellow/pink subject to availability. Please email if you have a colour preference to ask what is available at the time.

Used for Bharatanatyam or Odissi Dancing - Adults and children

For children -these are the most comfortable and best fitting as caters to any size of ankle. Our suggested sizes for weight of the bells upto age 6 years -1 row ; ages 6-9 years  max 2 rows ; ages 9-12 years max 3 rows ; age 12 plus max 4 rows .

If you have a dance teacher please check for their preference and advice.

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