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Mind Chakra is a unique shop offering Books, Art, Music, Instruments, Accessories, Artefacts and more. Mind Chakra is a rich ensemble of all things that depict Indian ethos, culture and traditions. It is a fresh and a unique concept focusing on the fascinating world  of art and culture, music and dance, meditation and spirituality.

It is UKs only and most comprehensive online and retail shop offering a wide range of Indian books,  CDs and DVDs based on Indian classical music, beautiful art, décor items, Indian musical instruments, dance bell (ghungroos) and items for yoga and meditation.

Our offerings are broadly categorised into the following:

Books: Spiritual, Ayurveda, Yoga, Chakras, Religious, Historical, Sanskrit, Music, Dance, Fiction, Children’s Comics, Travel and Cookery

Music: Meditation, Instrumental, Classical, North Indian, Raga, South Indian Carnatic, Sanskrit Mantras, Devotional and Dance

Art: Indian Contemporary and Regional Art, Art Books, Posters and Indian Artefacts

Gifts: Scarves, Pashmina Shawls, Bags, Cushions, Indian Gods and Goddess Statue,

Musical Instruments: Sitar, Harmonium, flute, Tabla & Thavil

Yoga/Meditation and Dance: Yoga Mats, Incense, Candle holders, Candles, Manjeere Bells, Singing Bowls, Rudrakash, Malas – prayer beads and Ghungroo – Dancing Bells.

We boast of collection of books in both classical and contemporary category in Indian literature, poetry, spirituality, religion and art. Also available is a range of Indian gifts, beautiful collectible art from renowned artists in India and affordable artwork from both Indian and local artists.We also have a sizable collection of musical Instruments (both new and used) like Tabla, Harmonium, Sitar, flute, thavil and dance bells (ghunghroos).  

Our retail shop is attached to The Bhavan’s auditorium and is located in Kensington, London.

Most of the people visiting our retail shop have the opinion that it’s like a quaint little sanctuary of peace, knowledge, vibrant colours and amazing smells from our incense. They love our little quirky gifts with Ganesh’s galore and little hidden gems of awesome curios from filmi posters and coasters to ethnic cushions.

The shop is run and owned by Ms.Nidhi Dalmia.MBE


Contact Details: 

Call  020 7386 8678 (during our shop opening hours)